Report Unlicensed Contractors

Dear Nevada Security Association Members,

Do you come across unlicensed contractors doing electronic security work? Not sure what to do? As a member of the Nevada Security Association, we would like to encourage you to contact the NSA with your complaint. We will help report the unlicensed work to the correct agency for you.

NEW: NV State Contractor’s website now has a mobile App available for download which allows you to verify contractors' licenses and report unlicensed activity

Try to collect as much of the information listed below and contact us via the form below to report the unlicensed work. The more information you gather the better it is for enforcement.

  1. Job site currently being worked at (address)
  2. Company name, individual's name, individual's description
  3. Description of contractor's vehicle including license plate (a photo is best)
  4. Type of work they are engaged in (i.e. installing cameras, pulling cable, etc)
  5. What phase is job in (just starting? finishing up?)
  6. Provide copies of any documents that have erroneous or no licensing numbers on it (such as work quotes, advertising).

We hope to create a fairer and more level field for our licensed member companies to do business in and provide consumers with confidence that they are dealing with legitimate security and life safety companies. If you have any licensing questions, please contact the NSA and we will try to get your questions answered. Thank you.

Report the above information to us here:

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